Best Audio Video Installation Services

We install tv and audio systems. Tv mounting, outlet relocation, speaker installation, audio system calibration and setup as well as customer support 7 days a week with any questions or issues you may have with your current systems.

Not everyone is technology-minded, but we are. We can do in a heartbeat what might take you days.

Call us at 858-333-1305. Or you can fill up our awesome quote form on this page and pretty much every other page on our website. We offer free estimate and we warranty our services. You’re in good hands with us.

Tv mounting (No bracket included, no cables hidden)

Hire us to handle your TV mounting needs. Our expert technicians can mount any TV size, on any wall type. We will install and mount your TV on a stand or wall bracket you provide. We will arrange your electrical and cable wires neatly.

Our Price: $100
ADK Audio Video - The Best Audio Video Installation Services
Tv mounting (Bracket included, no cables hidden)

This TV installation is for Wall mounting your TV on any type of wall. Your cable box, Blu-Ray and other devices will be placed on the shelf right under the TV.

Our Price: $150

Tv mounting (Mounting bracket included, all cables hidden)

TV Installation with wires concealed in the wall and power outlet installation to the back of the TV through a power bridge. This installation service includes electrical outlet relocation behind the TV, and with all wires Concealed in the Wall for a clean look.

Our Price: $200
ADK Audio Video

Over fireplace installations

This TV installation is for Wall mounting your TV over a Fireplace on any type of walls. We will send 1 or 2 certified technicians depending on the size of your TV.

Starts at $250, price may change depending on distance to Audio or Video system

Wire Fishing

Extra services to conceal all your cables in any type of wall and extend electrical outlet to the back of your TV. We ensure your TV will be installed securely and wires are neatly concealed.

Starts At $75

Sound bar installation

Get that theater rich experience in your home entertainment room with our soundBar installation addon. We will mount and configure your soundbar right under the TV.

Our Price: $50

In-ceiling speaker installation

We will mount your speakers in-wall or on-wall. We know audio system so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with today’s tech trends. Work and materials guaranteed.

$75 per hour


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